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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Prom Dress!!

Prom/Formal dress shopping is a very special, but even more stressful, occasion for my mom and I. Ever since my freshman year, we've gotten stressed out and at each other's throats when shopping for 'the Dress.' Store after store, "We should of gotten here sooner," "I'm too fat!," "Ugh this is ridiculous, let's go somewhere else." It's insane.

Why do we get so worked up over a silly dress I'll probably only ever wear once? Who but myself and my date will remember what I wore a year later? I really don't know why we care so much. If there's some psychologist studying the Formal Dress Phenomena, please, let me know!

Winter Formal this year wasn't too bad, we went to four stores, walked back and forth from both sides of the mall a few times, fought over a velvet dress that reminded my mom of Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle, and finally settled on a glittery red dress. Finding that dress was awful. I had actually tried it on in the first store, and decided against it because the price tag was enough to make anyone cry. When I found it in the last store, it was under half of what the first store had been asking. I guess in that case, going to more than one store was worth it.

Prom this year, I wanted a gold dress. It's one of our school colors, you know, Golden Eagles and such. Online, I found the Dress of my dreams. I found a store in my area that carried the dress line, and just had to wait for my mom to take me there. Well, in fear of another case of Formal Dress Stress, my mom just wanted to go straight to the same store where we had found my formal dress.

First look -- there was no way I would find my dress there. Everything wasn't my style... all short, halters, identical to one another. The place was a mess -- picked apart by nearly every mother and daughter team in town. Just as I was about to give up, my mother and I met by the bright blue and green dresses. So far, the only gold dresses we had seen were short and too revealing for my taste.

And then she saw it, and I saw it, hanging alone next to the end of the green dresses. A long sparkling dress that reminded me of a bottle of champagne -- yes, it's champagne! Close enough to gold for me, with silver weaved into the lace. I can't even begin to describe it.

It was the only one of its kind there, I started to panic. What are the chances that this one single dress, THE DRESS, is in my size??

I turned over the tag.

Yes, yes, you guessed it, it was in my size.

But, I still had to try it on, because sizes always vary from designer to designer, dress to dress. Just in case THE DRESS didn't fit, we grabbed a nice blue one that complented my complexion and hair. We headed over to the dressing rooms -- the line was extreme, not cool. But luckily, we found another one hidden.

I tried on THE DRESS!! first... I felt fat and like crap, but that's the normal, low-self-esteeme that kicks in during these moments. But, IT FIT! I just didn't believe I looked good in it. So, I tried on the blue one ... didn't fit so well (eh, eh?? sign? I think so!!!) but I thought I looked a bit better in it. So, my mom and I pondered the situation for a moment.
  1. We had never, ever, in all our Formal Dress Shopping experiences found a dress we liked at the first store.
  2. The dress fit perfectly, which almost never happens even at our second store.
  3. It was gold/champagne! And beautiful!
  4. Affordable!
  5. The blue one is blue like the sea, bright blue/teal, which fits the theme... but the same blue that was popular last year. Pretty, but standard.
So, after saying, "It's pretty," "Waahhhh" several times each, we decided to go with THE DRESS. I really don't know why I continued to second guess myself. I guess it's only something the psychologist investingating the Formal Dress Phenomena would be able to answer.

I can't find the dress online anywhere... I've been searching for a picture to include, but can't find one. I did however find a dress in the same lacey fabric, but it was short and a halter. Whenever I do find one, or take one of myself wearing it, I'll be sure to post it.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Birthday Party!

Why wasn't I INVITED??

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Cute, Cute, Cute!

$14,000 I don't have...

Nice light metalic aqua... will be so cute.