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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A life in Captions

One thing that I've learned after submitting my photos into contests in the spring, is writting captions. Imagine -- What would your life be like in captions?
Maybe I'm strange, but I was sitting here resting and taking mental photographs of my day. Just summarizing it, and thinking, "Now if I were there to photograph the scene, how would I compose the photo?" Ok -- Yes, I'm strange, I compose photos in my head... but then I asked myself the next question, "What would I put as the caption?"
I somewhat un-nerved myself when I answered that -- it's an odd feeling to write a caption for your own life as if it were to appear in a newspaper.

Photo: The sideview of an old woman's torso, arms extended as if balancing, younger teenaged woman's torso in background with an arm supporting one of the arms of the other woman -- wide apature.
Caption: S.J. is helped into the doctor's office by her granddaughter. S.J. is here follow up on the illness that left her weak and at home, suffering through a bad cough and daytime television.

Ok -- So I'm not too great at writing captions, it's something I need to work on. But really... it was just an errie feeling. It's different when writing captions for someone else's life, because you have an entirely different perspective of the situation. I suppose I'm struggling because when I write captions for a photo of someone/something else, I'm detached. With myself -- I'm most certainly attached, one of the subjects -- not the observer.
I'm glad I'm better with writing captions for others.


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