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"Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding." -- The Proverb I remind myself each morning as I wake up. Faith is the center of my life, without faith my life would be incomplete. I'm dating the most amazing handsome-est man GUY ever, who is always there for me no matter what... even if I get a little crazy! I'm also crafty, creative, artsy, whatever.

Friday, March 31, 2006


I was just browsing the internet looking for a photo to make a chart from... for a tulip. Looking through all the photos I've decided...

Someday I want a home with a garden that I can fill with tulips and daffodils... and other happy flowers during their respective seasons.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A life in Captions

One thing that I've learned after submitting my photos into contests in the spring, is writting captions. Imagine -- What would your life be like in captions?
Maybe I'm strange, but I was sitting here resting and taking mental photographs of my day. Just summarizing it, and thinking, "Now if I were there to photograph the scene, how would I compose the photo?" Ok -- Yes, I'm strange, I compose photos in my head... but then I asked myself the next question, "What would I put as the caption?"
I somewhat un-nerved myself when I answered that -- it's an odd feeling to write a caption for your own life as if it were to appear in a newspaper.

Photo: The sideview of an old woman's torso, arms extended as if balancing, younger teenaged woman's torso in background with an arm supporting one of the arms of the other woman -- wide apature.
Caption: S.J. is helped into the doctor's office by her granddaughter. S.J. is here follow up on the illness that left her weak and at home, suffering through a bad cough and daytime television.

Ok -- So I'm not too great at writing captions, it's something I need to work on. But really... it was just an errie feeling. It's different when writing captions for someone else's life, because you have an entirely different perspective of the situation. I suppose I'm struggling because when I write captions for a photo of someone/something else, I'm detached. With myself -- I'm most certainly attached, one of the subjects -- not the observer.
I'm glad I'm better with writing captions for others.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Turn Up the Heat

Ok, I'm not a liberal or conservative... I'm pretty much a centrist... and I hate politics, really. I grew up surrounded by politics and was sick of it by the time I was eleven.
I do keep myself informed, I watch the local and national news and occausionally watch shows like the Factor and 360*.
Just so you know Bill, I'm not one of those liberal bloggers you and Sean complain about.

Here we go...

Guantanamo Bay.

500 inmates, some with names now... that is if you've navigated the papers the defense department released. They've been there for years, waiting for the defense department to come up with the ultimate magic trick to make them disappear. Why haven't they gone to any trial? So what if the Geneva Convention doesn't apply to them? Do the right thing and put them on trial for whatever you're detaining them for... or release them! Yeah, some are suspected terrorists... put them on trial. If anyone else were to do this to the US, we'd be up in arms. Goodness.

No human being deserves to be kept caged like animals with NO RIGHTS!

Yeah-yeah-yeah, you're not really sure about how to go to trial with them... but DO SOMETHING. If it isn't legit, someone will speak up and try something else, it really isn't that hard. So quit doing the ultra stupid, just sitting around while the world gets upset and act like nothing's wrong.

Monday, March 06, 2006

My Top Five...

I used to have a Top Five Creepy Old Guys list. Today, I formally announce I've downsized.
  1. George Hamilton
  2. Barry Manilow
  3. Paul McCartney
  4. Rod Stewart
  5. Neil Diamond
Paul McCartney, you are no longer a Creepy Old Guy. You are now the newest member to my Formerly a Top Five Creepy Old Guys and I'm Not Anymore list.
  1. Dick Clark
  2. Paul McCartney
Why you ask?

And, in light of last night I started the long awaited Top Five Creepy Aged Women list.
  1. Dolly Parton
  2. Barbra Walters
  3. Camilla, The Dutchess of Cornwall

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My Favorite Royal

Since last Wednesday, I started watching "Windsor Castle: A Royal Year" on PBS. I enjoy it, because I love hearing about the most random things and those brits are just hilarious in a completely unintentional way.
Well, my favorite Royal, H.R.H. Prince Philip, is hilarious on this show. He's already known for his sometimes uncalled for humor, but you don't realize he's ALWAYS joking about something. He reminds me of my photo teacher. This week's show kinda follows him around on his grounds routine as Ranger.... first time he's even done an interview like this. Gotta love the Greeks.
Last week they followed the man in charge of all the clocks (I want to say, 500+?) It was insane, with the time changing... he takes two days and two nights AND DOESN'T STOP. That man has a fixed hold on his marbles.
But, my all time favorite bit of the show is the tiny glimpses at the Queen's corgis. I know, I'm sick of dogs, but I love corgis. I'll always want one.

You honestly would never know how many things go on at Windsor... there's so many things... it's a working castle and farm and church and whoa. Plus, there's random creepy stuff like underground tunnels and hidden doorways.

Yes, I have lost it. I wont find it until I go to the home of my family.