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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Busy Busy Buzzy Bee

I haven't posted in ages, I've been incredibly busy and because I can't say no to challenges, I'm going to be even more busy in the months to come.

I ended up pulling out of the knitting olympics before they even started, let's just say I'm a dunce and couldn't find the yarn I needed and gave up. I did however start my first sweater, which I decided I might frog and use the yarn for something else because I don't want to have a sweater made from the yarn I'm using... too sheddy.

The Good Guy Ted came into town last weekend and spoiled me rotten with his pressence that the next 26 days, 10 hours, and 15 minutes* are going to drive me insane.

These last two days were the 30 Hour Famine... we reached a little over 900 at current count and that's short of feeding three kids for a year. We've got more money still coming in so... we might just reach that point.
All 18(ish) of us that were together these last two days bonded through hunger and a common goal. I myself didn't fast completely (I munched on cracker bread when taking my meds and some around meal times,) but mostly everyone else stuck in there with their juice boxes for the full 30 hours. Hunter B-Man kept on going, I don't know how long he was going for.
Once we reached the 30 hour mark there was an amazing breakfast (ha, get it?) spread awaiting in the kitchen. We all ate a lot.
I'm not going to orgainize the april famine, I think a once a year thing is all Campus Life can handle. But, I'm talking to Randy about the fundraising for DC/LA in August.

I'm challenging myself these next two months to read through the entire bible. I've been reading a little bit each day, but I really want to get down and read it all at once. So, starting today I'm diving in and picking up from where I left off and reading for a good hour or two each day or so. I'm going to also continue with reading and studying little bits each day, but I'm going to start that in matthew and work my way through the new testament that way.

Well, this weekend is a crazy one. I have plans, one set of plans I remember, another I remember making plans with someone but now I can't remember what the plans are. Oh well, they'll call me and whatever was planned shall happen.
I'm going to go get myself a nice cup of tea and go read.



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