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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Turn Your Campus '06

Today was a complete blessing!

I had a rough start, not getting into the shower on time and leaving the house late -- but I managed to get to one of the many starbucks in my neighborhood and met up with some of the CL Leadership crew. Becky (AL), Maddy, Alix, Hannah, Benji, Kelsi, and Justin B. We formed a team of cars and headed over to FPU for a day of worship and learning about how to best reach our peers and TURN OUR CAMPUS!

After taking, as Hannah so delicately put it, 'the scenic route' we got to FPU and headed into the Gym for registration and opening worship and message provided by Cadence and J.R. Collins (I hope that's right.) We hooked up with Justin I. and most of us went to the worship block, "Breakdancing with World Religions."
Apparently, Kelsi and I were the only ones who didn't find it boring but incredibly helpful. Alix did the worm accross the floor. The guy was kinda dry, but his message was great and gave me the information I needed to tackle some difficulties I'm having in reaching some people. It was a lot like the first book in Mere Christainity, but worded in a easier to understand way and more detailed into then different religions than C.S. Lewis went into. So, I knew what the guy was talking about and was able to really soak it in verses what I got from reading the book. Later, I found out he had used the book as one of his sources.
I ran into Becky in the hall and went to the second worship block with her, it was about how you're going to get attacked when you spread the good news. I can't remember the name of the block, and I left my folder in Becky's car. The guy was very... opposite of the man I had heard in the previous block. I can't remember his name, I can only remember his twin brother's because he's the youth pastor at my 'back-up' church. Anyway, I learned a lot about instances in the scripture where satan interfers that I usually wouldn't of understood in that contex.
On the way to lunch Becky and I made friends with a girl who was there by herself from Edison, Michelle. She was great, she held up pretty well in the crazy-ness that is the CW-CL crew. Lunch was a mass amount of pizzas and some salad. I've never seen so many pizzas in my life. I think we were the only campus life group there, because we were the only ones cheering for YFC... well, come to think of it, we were the only ones cheering for anything.
After lunch was probably my most stunning worship block -- "Satan Smackdown" taught by George F. He started off with a disclaimmer -- I'm going to freak you out, this message scares people, leave now if you think that'll be you. So, being me, I stayed. Boy. This man is amazing. He works with satanists. He is amazing. He told us how the only way to cast out a demon is to say, "In jesus christs name I demand you leave this body and take your effects and go to jesus christ." Or something along the lines as that. The fact that there really are demons still around and not just in the bible can really shake you up, it's hard to believe. It isn't like the Exorcist or anything, but there are everyday true demons, we just don't realize these things are demons.
His stories were amazing, he really has had the most amazing life. I don't know if he's a professor, but I'd love to take his class if he had one. Boy.
Becky and I had to leave before the closing worship service, but I had a great time.

I can't wait to use what I learned today on campus!

** sorry, I'm tired, this isn't pulitzer prize winning writting, please, deal with it!


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