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Saturday, January 21, 2006


I have a deadly, deadly disease, Procrastination.

This last semester I've been taking an online class. I'd start an assignment, then it would sit on my harddrive for months. Each week I'd start, and never finish. Not having a classroom really got to me, it made me into the biggest procrastinator ever. It came down to the last month of the semester for me to sort through the mess I made of unfinished assignments, causing stress to the extreme.

Today, I'm finishing up the last bits of it. I'm totally relaxed now, I've got everything except for a few short essays to finish. The funny thing is my final is an essay about my work ethic in the class, comparing it to the american work ethic. "Procrastinating vs American Work Ethic" Sounds like a winner :
I think I'll go out tonight and find a place to write in public, coffee shop or what not. Why? One, I need to get out. Having to clean up this class mess has kept me in for three too many weekends. Two, I seem to write better when I'm out and about. I've written some of the best stuff in the strangest of places. I basically either outline the story/essay or write the entire thing, and then go home and type & revise.

I just need to get everything done tonight... there's a possible expedition up the foothills I want in on tomorrow.


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