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Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Moral Dog Law

Here in fresno there's some big stink about an ordinance being passed to protect the public from violent dogs, and other stricter dog laws. I haven't paid it much attention, but I agree with what I've heard so far. I do not believe in imposing ordinances against certain breeds, but I do believe in ordinances against known violent individual dogs. There is a new fee to be leveed with the passing of the ordinance for a higher license fee for dogs who are not fixed, which I agree with and am all for 100%.

Today, sometime after noon, I was over in my friend stephanie's neighborhood heading home. Just as we were pulling out of the neighborhood onto the main busy road I spotted a loose beagle. So, unable to live with myself if I don't do something to help this dog, I get out and call her to me. After giving me a faint growl, I extended my fist and she gave me a sniff. Once she realized I was perfectly harmless and with only good intentions, she let me see her tags. I called both numbers and left messages that their dog was loose and my number. Since there was no address (props, because you really shouldn't put your address on a dog's tags because then they can possibly break into your house, attack, etc) I called Steph and asked if she knew who the dog belonged to.

We followed the dog around the neighborhood looking for a house with the last name that was on the dog's tags. The dog was just happy to be out and free, not letting us catch her to put her in steph's yard. According to steph, this dog is loose on a regular basis. After following her around and not being able to get ahold of her again, we gave up.

It was clear to me that the owners didn't care much for the dog, because she had dander and stunk like she hadn't been washed in six months. She was sweet, but not one for human to dog interaction. Plus, if she's always getting out, why haven't they tried to stop her? When I left, she was barking at the front door of a house as if she wanted to be let in. She laid down on the doorstop as if she was home and about to take a nap. It looked like she had pushed open the gate and it had swung closed behind her.

If the owners call me back, I'm going to be sure to tell them to secure their gate and yard and give her a bath. And also that if I find her loose again, I'll probably have to morally turn them in for neglect. Crazy, I know I am, but a sweet dog like that doesn't deserve to be hit by a car and killed just because her owners can't put a simple lock on their gate.


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Yes, you're crazy...but that's why I love you

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