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Sunday, January 15, 2006

I Knit.

Confession, I am a knitter. I learned to knit when I was in the third grade. It took one or two afternoons, because my teacher was my grandma... and she had no idea how to. My mother had given me a craft book for Christmas, and inside were instructions for knitting and crocheting. After raiding her sewing machine, I found a few pairs of circs and dnps along with a crochet hook or two, grabbed a skein of yarn and took off to my unsuspecting grandmother's. I had assumed she knew how to knit, or at least crochet, after observing the many knit and crochet things in her home. Well, she didn't know how to do either. Armed with my book and a few of her own, we set off to learn after we finished my homework.
Sadly, we couldn't figure a thing out. She began to suffer from a sudden headache, and I was distracted by Ghost Writer on TV. By the time my mom came home, she too was suffering from a headache but taught me how to knit to get some quiet time for herself. She showed me how to cast on, how to hold the yarn and needles, and how to do the knit stitch. For about a few weeks, I made slow progress on a simple swatch. It was uneven, and the white yarn began to look a little dingy after being in my sweaty eight year old hands.
Over the years I would knit a little swatch for something or somebody, but I had no direction or purpose other than maybe a blanket for my brother's beanie babies. I would start a scarf, but it would take too long or I didn't have enough yarn.
The summer after 5th grade I learned how to crochet from my sibling's day care lady. I made a small tiny pink purse, maybe big enough to carry one of today's small flip phones. It wasn't until my freshman year of high school that I really took off on crocheting. I made purses and hats like mad. I tried new mediums, like crocheting with strips of plastic grocery bags. I got pretty advanced in crochet techniques, but I also got bored.
I'd float around on online crochet communities and blogs, and I'm sometimes see something knit that just made my heart flutter. I hadn't knit in a long time, because really... I only knew knit... hadn't even heard of purl... and my tension was always askew. Suddenly, I had visions of cables and lace in my head.
So, I picked up the needles again for some time. I'd cast on, knit a few rows, and give up. Something always went wrong, and I couldn't make any sense of any knit guide. So much for the knowledge I had gained from reading crochet patterns and charts, knitting was a whole new experience. That was a year or more so ago.
In the last few months I've given knitting another go, and this time... I can't get enough of it. I figured out that my problem was my mom had taught me to cast on wrong. For those of you knitters reading this, yes I know there is no wrong METHOD of casting on... but she had seemingly invented her own method that well, really doesn't work. After learning how to cast on properly, I had no substantial problem after that.
Now I'm able to knit and purl, cable and work with dpns. I don't have a problem with reading patterns anymore, they really are just like crochet patterns once you understand the new termology. I want to start knitting myself a sweater at the end of this month, and maybe even take up a simple lace pattern. The problem is the fact I'm short on cash, and it's hard to get my hands on good yarn. But other than that... I'm knitting with what I've got, and enjoying it!
I'd like to join a stitch 'n bitch group of people my age, but I don't have anyone to start one with. Just the other day my mom told me to teach Ted how to knit the next time he's home, but I can't see that happening.


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