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Friday, January 13, 2006

Bathroom Diaries

When I was little, I went to preschool. My mother claims the reason I refuse to use a public bathroom today is because the bathrooms at preschool were awful. I also think I'm afraid of public bathrooms because it was my biggest fear growing up that I'd get locked in a room and no one would be able to get me out. There were several times when I nearly got locked into a toilet stall or couldn't open a heavy bathroom door to get out. Once, while I was at the zoo with my German neighbors, I was locked into the bathroom and went into hysterics... they didn't understand what the heck was wrong with me.
The other day I was reading my new issue of Reader's Digest and came across the mention of The Bathroom Diaries. There isn't much listed for fresno, but my high school is praised. Whoever wrote about my high school is delusional... those bathrooms hardly deserve any praise. The praise they do deserve... isn't good. I think, if I ever get too bored, I could really start entering reviews to that site.
I'm coming out of my shell more lately, taking the risk and using the public facilities.


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