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"Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding." -- The Proverb I remind myself each morning as I wake up. Faith is the center of my life, without faith my life would be incomplete. I'm dating the most amazing handsome-est man GUY ever, who is always there for me no matter what... even if I get a little crazy! I'm also crafty, creative, artsy, whatever.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Some Updates

I've had a cold festering in my body for about a week now. This cold can't make up its mind. One moment I feel completely fine, the next -- completely miserable. What the heck? There's more moments where it's a small but annoying irritation, like my voice changes into cold-mode, or my nose gets runny.

Why can't it just finally blow-up into a complete cold so I can get over it??

A few days ago, or it was last night, my memory is failing me, I finished Nyrie's wrist warmers. I just have to seam them together and they'll be ready for her birthday. I haven't cast on for another project yet, I don't know what to do.

I've added to the sidebar, a little thing about what I'm reading.

Another recent purchase -- "Must Love Dogs" the movie with Diane Lane.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Turn Your Campus '06

Today was a complete blessing!

I had a rough start, not getting into the shower on time and leaving the house late -- but I managed to get to one of the many starbucks in my neighborhood and met up with some of the CL Leadership crew. Becky (AL), Maddy, Alix, Hannah, Benji, Kelsi, and Justin B. We formed a team of cars and headed over to FPU for a day of worship and learning about how to best reach our peers and TURN OUR CAMPUS!

After taking, as Hannah so delicately put it, 'the scenic route' we got to FPU and headed into the Gym for registration and opening worship and message provided by Cadence and J.R. Collins (I hope that's right.) We hooked up with Justin I. and most of us went to the worship block, "Breakdancing with World Religions."
Apparently, Kelsi and I were the only ones who didn't find it boring but incredibly helpful. Alix did the worm accross the floor. The guy was kinda dry, but his message was great and gave me the information I needed to tackle some difficulties I'm having in reaching some people. It was a lot like the first book in Mere Christainity, but worded in a easier to understand way and more detailed into then different religions than C.S. Lewis went into. So, I knew what the guy was talking about and was able to really soak it in verses what I got from reading the book. Later, I found out he had used the book as one of his sources.
I ran into Becky in the hall and went to the second worship block with her, it was about how you're going to get attacked when you spread the good news. I can't remember the name of the block, and I left my folder in Becky's car. The guy was very... opposite of the man I had heard in the previous block. I can't remember his name, I can only remember his twin brother's because he's the youth pastor at my 'back-up' church. Anyway, I learned a lot about instances in the scripture where satan interfers that I usually wouldn't of understood in that contex.
On the way to lunch Becky and I made friends with a girl who was there by herself from Edison, Michelle. She was great, she held up pretty well in the crazy-ness that is the CW-CL crew. Lunch was a mass amount of pizzas and some salad. I've never seen so many pizzas in my life. I think we were the only campus life group there, because we were the only ones cheering for YFC... well, come to think of it, we were the only ones cheering for anything.
After lunch was probably my most stunning worship block -- "Satan Smackdown" taught by George F. He started off with a disclaimmer -- I'm going to freak you out, this message scares people, leave now if you think that'll be you. So, being me, I stayed. Boy. This man is amazing. He works with satanists. He is amazing. He told us how the only way to cast out a demon is to say, "In jesus christs name I demand you leave this body and take your effects and go to jesus christ." Or something along the lines as that. The fact that there really are demons still around and not just in the bible can really shake you up, it's hard to believe. It isn't like the Exorcist or anything, but there are everyday true demons, we just don't realize these things are demons.
His stories were amazing, he really has had the most amazing life. I don't know if he's a professor, but I'd love to take his class if he had one. Boy.
Becky and I had to leave before the closing worship service, but I had a great time.

I can't wait to use what I learned today on campus!

** sorry, I'm tired, this isn't pulitzer prize winning writting, please, deal with it!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Moral Dog Law

Here in fresno there's some big stink about an ordinance being passed to protect the public from violent dogs, and other stricter dog laws. I haven't paid it much attention, but I agree with what I've heard so far. I do not believe in imposing ordinances against certain breeds, but I do believe in ordinances against known violent individual dogs. There is a new fee to be leveed with the passing of the ordinance for a higher license fee for dogs who are not fixed, which I agree with and am all for 100%.

Today, sometime after noon, I was over in my friend stephanie's neighborhood heading home. Just as we were pulling out of the neighborhood onto the main busy road I spotted a loose beagle. So, unable to live with myself if I don't do something to help this dog, I get out and call her to me. After giving me a faint growl, I extended my fist and she gave me a sniff. Once she realized I was perfectly harmless and with only good intentions, she let me see her tags. I called both numbers and left messages that their dog was loose and my number. Since there was no address (props, because you really shouldn't put your address on a dog's tags because then they can possibly break into your house, attack, etc) I called Steph and asked if she knew who the dog belonged to.

We followed the dog around the neighborhood looking for a house with the last name that was on the dog's tags. The dog was just happy to be out and free, not letting us catch her to put her in steph's yard. According to steph, this dog is loose on a regular basis. After following her around and not being able to get ahold of her again, we gave up.

It was clear to me that the owners didn't care much for the dog, because she had dander and stunk like she hadn't been washed in six months. She was sweet, but not one for human to dog interaction. Plus, if she's always getting out, why haven't they tried to stop her? When I left, she was barking at the front door of a house as if she wanted to be let in. She laid down on the doorstop as if she was home and about to take a nap. It looked like she had pushed open the gate and it had swung closed behind her.

If the owners call me back, I'm going to be sure to tell them to secure their gate and yard and give her a bath. And also that if I find her loose again, I'll probably have to morally turn them in for neglect. Crazy, I know I am, but a sweet dog like that doesn't deserve to be hit by a car and killed just because her owners can't put a simple lock on their gate.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


I have a deadly, deadly disease, Procrastination.

This last semester I've been taking an online class. I'd start an assignment, then it would sit on my harddrive for months. Each week I'd start, and never finish. Not having a classroom really got to me, it made me into the biggest procrastinator ever. It came down to the last month of the semester for me to sort through the mess I made of unfinished assignments, causing stress to the extreme.

Today, I'm finishing up the last bits of it. I'm totally relaxed now, I've got everything except for a few short essays to finish. The funny thing is my final is an essay about my work ethic in the class, comparing it to the american work ethic. "Procrastinating vs American Work Ethic" Sounds like a winner :
I think I'll go out tonight and find a place to write in public, coffee shop or what not. Why? One, I need to get out. Having to clean up this class mess has kept me in for three too many weekends. Two, I seem to write better when I'm out and about. I've written some of the best stuff in the strangest of places. I basically either outline the story/essay or write the entire thing, and then go home and type & revise.

I just need to get everything done tonight... there's a possible expedition up the foothills I want in on tomorrow.

Friday, January 20, 2006

More Confessions.

I went through a phase when I was young where I collected stamps. Because my family is odd, and knows a lot of people overseas, I was given stamps from all over the globe. A great bulk of my stamp collection were stamps from the UK. (And apparently a lot from Russia and former soviet countries... as I discovered recently when revisiting my collection.)

Also, when I was younger, I had two favorite book series. The Beatrix Potter books, and Paddington the Bear. I loved Beatrix Potter's books so much that the covers became worn and we had to buy me a new set. I learned to read on those books! Paddington influenced my life... I am a great fan of maramlade sandwiches because of that Peruvian bear. I also dressed like him, with my blue rain coat and a similar red hat. Who ever said I wasn't crazy as a pre-school kid?

So today, for some odd reason, I searched for Paddington Bear on Wikipedia. At the bottom of his entry, it tells that he's been featured on a stamp issued by the Royal Mail. Very recently too, just the tenth of this month!

His stamp is part of a series, Animal Tales. Also in the series is Jeremy Fisher, one of Beatrix Potter's characters. Fortunately, the USPS is jointly doing this series with the Royal Mail... but, they're using different characters, no Paddington or Jeremy Fisher. I'll have to buy them off of the Royal Mail's website, if that's possible. The USPS doesn't have the series listed on their website, as far as I can tell.

... but I did stumble upon a Jim Henson series I was not aware of.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Citius, Altius, Fortius

"Faster, Higher, Stronger" I'm now a competitor in the Knitting Olympics, of sorts. I will be casting on a project during the opening ceremonies for the 2005 Winter Olympics, and I will work on the project for the next sixteen days until the games end. Hopefully, I will have finished it by then. If I finish, I will get the gold medal... which is a little button I get to keep on the left there under my button for the olympics!
My project? "Pipi Kneestockings" from the Stitch N Bitch Knitter's Handbook.

They're the project on the right, duh, but I haven't decided if I want to use those colors or pick our my own. I doubt I'll be able to finish both, most likely only one... since I'm so slow and have no time. There's people who are pledging to do these intricate hardcore sweaters, sweaters that I'd never ever be able to finish in my lifetime.
I guess I'd wear the stockings with a skirt or something... I have no idea. I guess they would make a good birthday gift for some colorful person. Well, I take that back... they would be nice to have for myself. I'll probably screw up on them anyway.

Tomorrow I'll make my post on Proverbs 14-17.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I Knit.

Confession, I am a knitter. I learned to knit when I was in the third grade. It took one or two afternoons, because my teacher was my grandma... and she had no idea how to. My mother had given me a craft book for Christmas, and inside were instructions for knitting and crocheting. After raiding her sewing machine, I found a few pairs of circs and dnps along with a crochet hook or two, grabbed a skein of yarn and took off to my unsuspecting grandmother's. I had assumed she knew how to knit, or at least crochet, after observing the many knit and crochet things in her home. Well, she didn't know how to do either. Armed with my book and a few of her own, we set off to learn after we finished my homework.
Sadly, we couldn't figure a thing out. She began to suffer from a sudden headache, and I was distracted by Ghost Writer on TV. By the time my mom came home, she too was suffering from a headache but taught me how to knit to get some quiet time for herself. She showed me how to cast on, how to hold the yarn and needles, and how to do the knit stitch. For about a few weeks, I made slow progress on a simple swatch. It was uneven, and the white yarn began to look a little dingy after being in my sweaty eight year old hands.
Over the years I would knit a little swatch for something or somebody, but I had no direction or purpose other than maybe a blanket for my brother's beanie babies. I would start a scarf, but it would take too long or I didn't have enough yarn.
The summer after 5th grade I learned how to crochet from my sibling's day care lady. I made a small tiny pink purse, maybe big enough to carry one of today's small flip phones. It wasn't until my freshman year of high school that I really took off on crocheting. I made purses and hats like mad. I tried new mediums, like crocheting with strips of plastic grocery bags. I got pretty advanced in crochet techniques, but I also got bored.
I'd float around on online crochet communities and blogs, and I'm sometimes see something knit that just made my heart flutter. I hadn't knit in a long time, because really... I only knew knit... hadn't even heard of purl... and my tension was always askew. Suddenly, I had visions of cables and lace in my head.
So, I picked up the needles again for some time. I'd cast on, knit a few rows, and give up. Something always went wrong, and I couldn't make any sense of any knit guide. So much for the knowledge I had gained from reading crochet patterns and charts, knitting was a whole new experience. That was a year or more so ago.
In the last few months I've given knitting another go, and this time... I can't get enough of it. I figured out that my problem was my mom had taught me to cast on wrong. For those of you knitters reading this, yes I know there is no wrong METHOD of casting on... but she had seemingly invented her own method that well, really doesn't work. After learning how to cast on properly, I had no substantial problem after that.
Now I'm able to knit and purl, cable and work with dpns. I don't have a problem with reading patterns anymore, they really are just like crochet patterns once you understand the new termology. I want to start knitting myself a sweater at the end of this month, and maybe even take up a simple lace pattern. The problem is the fact I'm short on cash, and it's hard to get my hands on good yarn. But other than that... I'm knitting with what I've got, and enjoying it!
I'd like to join a stitch 'n bitch group of people my age, but I don't have anyone to start one with. Just the other day my mom told me to teach Ted how to knit the next time he's home, but I can't see that happening.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Bathroom Diaries

When I was little, I went to preschool. My mother claims the reason I refuse to use a public bathroom today is because the bathrooms at preschool were awful. I also think I'm afraid of public bathrooms because it was my biggest fear growing up that I'd get locked in a room and no one would be able to get me out. There were several times when I nearly got locked into a toilet stall or couldn't open a heavy bathroom door to get out. Once, while I was at the zoo with my German neighbors, I was locked into the bathroom and went into hysterics... they didn't understand what the heck was wrong with me.
The other day I was reading my new issue of Reader's Digest and came across the mention of The Bathroom Diaries. There isn't much listed for fresno, but my high school is praised. Whoever wrote about my high school is delusional... those bathrooms hardly deserve any praise. The praise they do deserve... isn't good. I think, if I ever get too bored, I could really start entering reviews to that site.
I'm coming out of my shell more lately, taking the risk and using the public facilities.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

My reasons for creating a new blog? I have a few.
First, I need a place to record my thoughts and experiences this next year as I read through the entire bible & a chapter of Proverbs each day. I've never been able to stick to reading the bible every day and completing it entirely by reading some each day front to back. I guess you could call it a New Years Resolution.
I'm also going to read a chapter of Proverbs each day because of a challenge put to me by Randy, the leader of CW's Campus Life Leadership and a National Director of Youth for Christ. We recently tackled Proverbs in leadership, but none of us were able to read our chapter each day. This last Tuesday night, Randy challenged each of us to read a chapter each day... and I'm going to take up that challenge. I may alternate between different translations each month, but I'm going to stick to it. The problem with sticking to Proverbs each day is the repetition of the same things over and over, but it's something I need to do!
Second, I would like to have a place to show off my crafty-ness. I read dozens of craft, knit, art, etc blogs... yet I've never kept my own.
Third, I have pleanty to write about, so why not share?